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Six fantastic experiences for adrenaline junkies

Hi, are you looking for speed, excitement and a real adrenaline rush. Here are a few brilliant recommendations that fit the bill in summer Norway.

Rafting in Sjoa

This may be an old classic, but it still offers speed and fun. The River Sjoa runs through the municipalities of Sel and Vågå in Oppland and has narrow rapids in certain parts. Go Rafting Sjoa offers various trips that take you through open landscapes, narrow gorges and cascading rapids. The rapids have descriptive names that give you a clue what to expect: Gulf Stream, the Hay Stacks, Bye-Bye baby and the Washing Machine. Take a change of clothing, as you’re guaranteed to be soaking wet at the end of the trip. Safety equipment is available to borrow.There have been rafting accidents in the river.


Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal

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Price: Nkr1,090 per person

Photo: Helge Skodvin

Trolljuv Adrenalinpark

Trolljuv bridge is suspended between two tunnels at a dizzy height above Åkrafjord, in a gorge so dramatic you could imagine the Troll Father himself had carved out the mountain with an ax. This is how Trolljuv Adrenalinpark describes itself. From there, you attach yourself to a bungee jump rope and throw yourself off the bridge. If that doesn't give you an adrenaline rush, you mustn’t have a pulse. You can also bungee jump in Gorsa Gorge in Lyngenfjorden. .

Trolljuv Adrenalinpark

Trolljuv bru, 5596 Markhus

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NKr890. You must weigh between 40 and 110kg, be at least 150cm tall and age 16 or older.

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Instagram moment

Norwegian nature offers challenges, spectacular viewing points, not to mention perfect Instagram motifs. One such is Trolltunga, a rock tongue that “hangs” 700m above Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal. Getting there is not for inexperienced hikers, says the Norwegian Trekking Association website, Ut.no. It starts in Skjeggedal, and is a 28km round trip with plenty of climbs. And when you get to Trolltunga, you must be extremely careful when taking photographs.


Zipline in Flåm

The new zipline in Flåm is an incredible 1,381m long. You start at a height of 305m at a sheer drop in Vatnahalsen close to the Bergen Line and Flåm Line. The zipline ends in Kårdalen. And you reach a speed of 100kmph. Flåm is a rural area in the Municipality of Aurland in Sogn and the fjords and is at the innermost point of Aurlandsfjorden. The popular Rallarvegen runs through Flåm and thousands of cyclists delight in navigating the hairpin bends in the area. Now, cyclists can fly by zipline down and send their bikes and baggage down by elevator. Count on wind in your hair.

Flåm zipline

Flåmsdalsvegen 145a, 5743 Flåm

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From Nkr 700

Glacier trekking on Svartisen – under the midnight sun

Trekking across glaciers is both amazing and challenging. Svartisen is the second biggest glacier in Norway, after Jostedalsbreen. The glacier stretches across several northern municipalities, Meløy, Rødøy, Beiarn and Rana – and the closest SAS airport is Bodø. In summer, you can trek across the ice in the middle of the night – hopefully under the midnight sun. The tour operator says that it is aimed at experienced hikers who like a challenge. Midnight trips take around eight hours. Even though the name of the glacier translates as Black Ice, it's nowhere near black in color. The name stems from glaciers in the north being called “black ice” because they have a darker blue color than white snow drift glaciers.


Nkr1,700 per person Start at Holandsvika in Meløy. The season runs from May to October, but the midnight tours go from 15 June to 31 July.

Photo: Asgeir Helgestad

Musk Ox Safari in Dovrefjell

You don't need to travel to Africa to experience exciting wildlife. In Dovrefjell you can tread in the hoof steps of Aurochs, an extinct species of large wild cattle that is an ancestor of both sheep and cattle. Fossil finds in Scandinavia show that Aurochs used to roam on Norwegian soil, but did not survive the Ice Age The musk ox you can see today, were released in 1931, but do not pose any danger to the local eco system, according to the Governor of Trøndelag. However, you can go on safari with a guide and stay in a tent. You can also experience elk, reindeer and birds.

Musk Ox Safari in Dovrefjell

Nkr 12,495 for two days.

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